Monday, October 8, 2007

Wooly updates

Where to begin? My husband and I just returned from a weekend visit to Cambria for our 2-year wedding anniversary. We're finding it increasingly difficult to leave at the end of every trip, for we find our longing to find a way to STAY is becoming stronger.

Anyhow, here is the Central Park Hoodie. I started this on our summer road trip to Vancouver and knit the back, fronts and most of the sleeves in the car! I made the second smallest size (don't have the magazine next to me...was it 34 1/2?). The yarn is Cascade 220 in a jade-like heather, and like many other knitters out there who have done this project, I bought nearly 2 skeins too many!

My husband took these photos in Cambria this morning as we walked along the bluffs. Many locals take their morning walks along this trail -- what a beautiful way to wake up.

Second, a quick shot of the Hermione POA hat from Charmed Knits. This photo was taken in the yard behind our motel in Cambria. I made this with the awesome Malabrigo (Geranio colorway) that I bought in Boston this past April. I've still got some of that Malabrigo left...hmm...

We went to the animal fair, and all the animals were there...
(Some perky Border Leicesters)
The LA County Fair was awesome. We made some sheep friends,
(the cutest little Suffolk in the world, with my cutie Dear!)
and some goat friends,

and we saw a sheep shearing demonstration. This guy wrangled a 200+ lb Suffolk and sheared it in under 3 minutes. I've got a little video of it I may put up. He let me take a bit of the fleece he sheared from it (the fleece, he said, was too low a grade to charge for it -- apparently even good Suffolk fleece tends to be made into pillow batting) so I could experiment a bit with it. I was amazed by how oily it was from the lanolin -- seems like when you touch the fleece when it's still on the sheep you don't feel that much oil. I brought it home and showed it to Cat, who reacted in the strangest way -- she couldn't get enough of it, as though it was catnip!

I've since washed the fleece (and a TON of lanolin came out), but I don't have any hand carding equipment, so I'm still trying to figure out what to do next.

Well, that's it for now. Here's a llama:

See you next time!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Coming soon...

Photo shoot of my completed Central Park Hoodie!

Updates on the Cobblestone Pullover for my dear!

Pictures of the Hermione Hat, Norah Gaughan's Stag Bag, and more!

A review of my trip to the LA County fair to see the sheepies!

...when I get my computer back from the shop. :(